About Us

Our Guesthouse

Nestled in just a few hundred meters from Anfeh ’s famous “Ta7t el Ri7”, Le Vieux Quartier is your destination for a fun, summery and youthful getaway, just by the sea.

Our guests’ comfort and satisfaction being our utmost priorities, we seek to provide you the best by ensuring a serene and warm atmosphere, a fun environment and all beach-related activities and necessities in our guesthouse.

Le Vieux Quartier not only provides each of its unique and especially catered suites the best services, this guesthouse offers you breakfast daily in its shared space, just by the pool and tanning beds. 

The guesthouse also gives you the opportunity to shop from its Abou Georges depanneur (opening soon), where you can find all the needs for your stay to be perfect, from organic olive oil soaps, sweets, ice cream, batteries, grooming kits, razors, snacks, alcohol, cigarettes, and other essentials. 

There is a fleet of bicycles available at the guesthouse to go around the mesmerizing Anfeh and enjoy all historical and sacred sites around the city. 

This guesthouse is your #1 go-to place for a relaxing stay and the perfect retreat for individuals and couples seeking to escape the exhausting city life and enjoy the fresh beach breeze and relaxing sea scenery. Le Vieux Quartier can also welcome you for your bridal showers events, bachelorette parties, graduation retreats, college vacations, and much more.